Water Damage Mitigation

When your home has water damage from flooding or leaks, you need qualified professionals to respond quickly and work efficiently to mitigate damage to your property. Water damage, if left untreated, can lead to mold growth, rot, and a number of other problems. Long term damage, in many cases, is not covered under typical homeowner insurance policies, so acting quickly at the first sign of water damage is critical. Additionally, many water losses seem insignificant at the surface, but are substantial underneath, as water finds its way into cracks, openings, and between layers of material, becoming trapped and unable to escape or dry.

Our technicians utilize the latest technology in thermal imaging, invasive and non-invasive moisture meters, to locate hidden water and determine the extent of the water loss. The source of the water is a significant variable, and determines what methods are employed to mitigate damage and certify your home clean and dry.

Sewage Cleanup

Toilet overflows, sewer line breaks, and leaky garbage disposals and dishwashers are all examples of ‘dirty water’ losses. These create strong odors, pose health risks to people and their pets, and increase the rate at which wet and dry rot set in.

DryTime Restoration is equipped with hospital-grade anti-microbial cleaners (not harmful to people, pets, or plants) and special equipment to eliminate biological contaminants and restore your home to a state of cleanliness. All non-salvable materials are removed, and the affected area is thoroughly washed, sanitized, and dried to prepare it for reconstruction.

Mold Removal

Mold can be an indicator of a leak or other source of excessive moisture. Allergic reactions are caused, and respiratory problems made worse, when mold colonies grow in a home. Contrary to common thought, the most effective way to eliminate mold in a home is not through the use of chemicals, but rather by eliminating the source of moisture. Chemical treatments are used to kill existing mold colonies, but returning the home to a normalized climate keeps the mold from coming back.

Our technicians are equipped with the latest in HEPA filtration systems, and will contain the affected area under ‘negative air’ to ensure that mold spores do not migrate to other areas in the home during the drying process. Upon completion, air samples from the home will be sent to a lab to conduct air-quality tests so that you can rest assured that the contaminants have been eliminated.

Storm Damage

Acts of nature present many threats to your home. Leaks in roofs and siding caused by wind damage, broken pipes due to freezing temperatures, and flooding caused by excessive rainfall can be catastrophic and require immediate action. Regional storms often create a new layer of difficulty as local insurance adjusters are overwhelmed with claims. DryTime’s office staff and technicians are unmatched in their ability to work with your adjuster, on your behalf, to expedite the claim process during these busy times.

Your technician will be your liaison, representing your interests to your insurance provider, coordinating all necessary processes to stop the inflow of water, dry your home, and complete all repairs to restore your home to pre-loss condition.

Rebuild & Restore

When faced with the problem of water damage, the most common question mitigation companies receive is, “who will put everything back together once my house is dry?” Many of our competitors leave it up to their customers to find their own ‘build back’ contractor, or use a ‘preferred’ contractor through their insurance provider (this creates an obvious conflict of interest). DryTime is unique in that we are a true, one-stop, start-to-finish restoration company, offering full reconstruction services in addition to water damage mitigation. We work for you, and you alone.

Our build-back team works with reputable local subcontractors, and employs in-house journeyman level carpenters. Our project managers will work directly with you to determine job scope, and get all work pre-approved through your insurance provider, scheduled, and completed. The multiple-award-winning quality level of craftsmanship you will receive during all phases of reconstruction is second to none. Our guarantee to you: no cut corners.

Crawl space Restoration

Water can enter your crawl space from a variety of sources including ground water, plumbing leaks, heavy rain and sewage backup. The moisture that evaporates from the water, a.k.a. humidity, can create problems such as wood rot, mold, and mildew. Standing water, particularly when contaminated, can cause additional issues such as foul odors and pest infestation.

Navigating the restoration of your crawl space can be daunting due to the limited access and confined spaces. An experienced technician will perform a thorough inspection of your crawl space and create and implement a restoration protocol specific to your loss, so you don’t have to step foot in the crawl space at any time.

Get Help

Our experienced staff will take the stress out of repairing and restoring your home by walking you through the process, and by communicating with your insurance company on your behalf.